Intimidating legal letters to threaten suit

Posted by / 12-Jan-2018 08:57

How did they even find out about this conversation, you might ask? After all these years, this website has garnered sufficient page rank that when we talk about something, it shows up high in the search engine rankings.The company was apparently Googling their own name, found something they did not agree with, and decided they wanted to silence the critics.

However, because a lawsuit would allow for subpoenas of PETA employees both past and present—leading to under-oath testimonies about the grisly reality of what has and is going on at PETA headquarters—it is unlikely that PETA would ever follow-through with these empty threats. Many people have helped and contributed along the way, and while we rant, swear, and speak out against many aspects of our culture, there have been very few bumps along the way. This blog is approaching its third birthday and has been blessed with over 62 million page views from 5.2 million people and counting.Click here to download your free Desist Harassment Letter Template [Sender’s Full Name] [Date] VIA [Certified Mail / Overnight Mail / Email (email address) / Other Method of Delivery] [Harasser’s Full Name] [Contact Person Name, Title (if applicable and known)] [Street Address] [City, State, Zip Code] RE: Cease and Desist – Harassment Dear [Mr./Ms.] [Contact Person’s Last Name] / To Whom It May Concern: This letter serves as notice to you and your company to immediately cease and desist all harassing activities against/towards me.[Describe the harassing behavior including the dates, places and methods of harassment.

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When a person is getting aggressive and intimidating and refuses to back down, modify and mail the Cease and Desist letter below to get them to back down.